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I just wanted to put a good word in for Caddis tubes. If any of you know me, I will put a u-boat though hell. After 1.5 years and more than 100 days on various hike-in lakes and other stillwaters with no boat launch, my Caddis Nevada Gold tube started to fall apart this summer. At one point in August, the zippers busted on the pockets from overuse and by late fall the seat started to separate itself from the frame. However, the frame is covered in tough canvas and I have never popped the tube. Though, I can remember a few occasions when I scared myself pretty good by lazily running over submerged stumps and cover. In the end, the Nevada Gold tube comes out a winner.

Caddis has a 2 year warranty, and I sent back this beat-to-hell tube not really expecting a response. Nine days later a new tube was waiting outside my door. Not bad for a $75.00 tube!

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