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Camping near the Yak?

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Is there any primitive type of camping on or near the upper Yak? I'm aware of the BLM campgrounds in the canyon, but I'm looking for something a bit less 'parking-lot.' I'm super stoked about sleeping in my hammock lately, so trees would be a plus!

PS - any reports from the last day or 2? I'm going to try to get out Monday/Tuesday this week. Flies?

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Hmmm...there's the KOA of course. And then some camping up above Roslyn. But I would watch the flows.

Good point, looks like it's creeping back up again...
Lots of BIG mayflys came off around 1:30 when I fished on friday. Other then that your typical nymphs and maybe a few skwala dries
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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