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Can anyone help here?

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Got an email message from a classmate of mine hoping to be able to relocate two GSPs. I'm copying the message here, so if anyone wants the pups, they're yours.

Hi there John. I need your help. I have a friend who is an avid pheasant hunter who unfortunately is in the final stages of cancer. He has 2 short-hair pointers that I am trying to find homes for and I know that we have quite a few hunters on our Old Timers list. Will you please send out this information with my email in hopes that I can find them a good home.
Chester (the one with the brown around his tail) is 12, in good health and still hunts although probably needs to retire in the next year or two.
Jackson is 7-8 and in his prime. Both are excellent hunters & retrievers and are well muscled.
Both are fully trained and kennel & crate trained.
Even though they hunt together they cannot go together because of aggression between them competing for attention and food at home. They get along great with other dogs, just not with each other at home.
Dennis is not selling them, just wants them to have a good home. It would be good for him to know they are safe so he can relax and rest.
I appreciate your help, Pamela

For some reason I can't copy and paste the photos. If you're interested in it, please PM me with your email address, and I can forward the email with the dogs' photos to you.

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My son Tyson may be interested...he has been looking for a pheasant dog. He has three young sons who are real animal lovers so it could be a good fit. I forwarded this post to him.


Can you send me the email? I'm trying to convince my wife that she's as interested as I am.

Bill Keeler
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