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What a gorgeous day to be out on Puget Sound, I live for days like this. Mt. Rainier sticking out like a sore thumb, 75 degrees with a few scattered clouds and a slight breeze. No wonder so many people are moving here.... I went out fishing with a friend, we had luck on a beach on the incoming a few days prior so we thought to try it out once more. As we showed up there was plenty of bait being chased around a dock, sure enough a few casts in and we were hooking nice 12-14" chompers for a solid 2 hours.
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The wind kicked in from the south so we moved to another spot close by that was sheltered from the gusts. The tide was just getting to about 2ft and we saw a ton of bait flopping right on the shelf of the drop off. My friend said he had a nice fish follow but turned away last minute, he said it looked like a resi ho which are also commonly found at that beach. No more than a few minutes later I had a fish chase and smash my fly in the shallows, looked to be a nice coho, presumably the one that missed my buddies fly. He was really confused at first and kept shaking around, didnt understand why he couldn't swim away, then finally he realized and did a big old belly flop. I was making sure my line wasn't tangled cause I was sure he would make a run but he just kept pulling and shaking. I got him a little closer and finally netted him and was surprised it was a massive cutt, biggest I've caught up to this point.
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I caught this solid resi coho a few nights before that compared to this cutt in size for sure, gives a good perspective of the cutt's length.
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Barbless hook popped right out, took a few pics, and sent him on his way. The 5wt Salt was put to the test but it is known to conduct the attention of the cutthroat committee. The same friend I was with had caught a nice chunky 18 inch cutt at the same spot a little over a year ago and we haven't fished there much since. Definitely bumping that place up on my to go list lol! It's quite humbling to be able to fish such a unique body of water in my backyard and to be rewarded with such wild and beautiful catches. Just curious, I would love to see some posts of people's personal best cutthroat in Puget Sound only, I bet it'd be really neat to see all the diversity. Hope we can all work together to keep this fishery healthy and in the best shape it can possibly attain. It's our duty to take care of this amazing fishery and the first step is to take care of the environment these fish call home. A lot of people think I have a lot of trash in the back of my car but if only they knew it came from the beach ;) Cheers and tight lines
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