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My 8y.o. son is finally showing some interest in fly-fishing. He has a friend who is similarly interested.

I'm teaching them to fly-cast but its a slow process and I'm not certified or anything. In fact, my own fly-casting is pretty suspect now that I think about it.

Anyway, can someone recommend an instructor near me (Snoqualmie)?

And would you recommend 1 session? Or 1 a month? How does that work?



BTW, I did get my boy into his first real fish not too long ago....

We were coming back from an interesting desert hike in Ellensburg and we stopped at the river for some water play near Ensign Ranch. There's a long run there ending in a little pool. I had Casey step out into the water with me and told him to hold the line against the rod while he flipped a stonefly into the pool. On his second cast, he had a fish on! He played it just right, working the fish back to the shore, where we got this great picture! We let the fish go and kept the fly and we'll put it in his scrapbook. This was Casey's first fish that he caught by himself. "Are you proud of me, dad?" he asked me later. Heck yeah.

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I found an in instructor on the east side and he did great with my daughter. He put out little cones and had her get it to the red one or yellow one, etc. Also for roll casting he mad a slit in a larger orange cone (like the ones on the highway) to anchor the end of the line. Then had her roll cast and she was doing pretty well. I just took her for one lesson. I need to practice with her more and nest spring will take her back for more.
Talk to some instructors and ask what experience they have with kids, how much, etc. One other guy I meet not into it.

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Derek Young of Emerging Rivers Guide Service. Patience of a Saint. Worth sending him a PM, email or making a call.
Most shops have beginer classes, calling them would be good to see if anyone on their staff does children. So far my girls have taken to it from me, but sooner or later they will need more skilled help than I can provide. Great report on his first fish. Best. Ed
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