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Catch and Release Nets for stlhd?

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Im looking for a decent salmon/steelhead catch and release net for carrying in the driftboat. I have a couple knotted ones but I dont net wild fish with them. Also it would save playing time and I would be able to get them in faster with the fish spending less energy while Im trying to tail them. Any good suggestions for bag sizes, handle sizes, brands, rubber vs mesh? I was looking at Beckman nets but dont really know what sizes Im looking at when looking at a tiny pic online. Thanks,

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Get the ranger 9800R it is the only one I use for big bows, steelhead, salmon, ling cods. Check it out
Check out measure net dot com to see if they have a zip on replacement net that will fit one of your existing net frames. I took the knotted nylon net bag out of my fancy wooden net frames (small, meduim and guide sized) and replaced them all with knotless mesh measure nets. They also have a full line of nets that are knotless, as do Orvis, Brodin and a multitude of other companies right now. Some of them are really works of art.
I use the "guide" model Measure Net in my salt boat, where it's good for salmon up to the 10-15# class. I had to cut a number of vents into the tight mesh (and sew the edges with braided line) because the current really pulls on the fabric. I have netted mature coho by my self on an 11' rod with it, using the telescopic handle. It even has a weight scale, but I've never used that. It doesn't look big enough for fish this size, but I've been surprised at how well it works anyway.
Beckman Pen Fin Saver

Pen Fin Saver Nets
Pen Fin Savers are stout “bigger fish” nets with all the Pen Series anti-tangle attributes and a practical array of hoop/bag/handle options. But they’re especially release-friendly, with smaller knotless treated mesh for a more caring and gentler contact with the fish. With a Fin Saver there’s less mesh-snarling of teeth, fins, and gill plates. Today’s trophy angler requires a rugged right-sized net for landing large fish — as well as a fish-friendly net bag for the most lively releases!
Get the ranger 9800R it is the only one I use for big bows, steelhead, salmon, ling cods. Check it out
Those rangers look pretty nice for the price, how does that net bag work for you as far as size go? Id hate to try and net a 20+ chinook and have it being much to small to handle a fish of that size.
It will handle any fish you will find in fresh water in this state. I put a 35 x 22 inch trout last year and had lots of net left. That fished weighed over #20. I would use it on any fish under 35 pounds with no worries. I can stand in the net and pull up and it will come up to my groin and I have a 32 inch inseam. Get it, I have 3 and just ordered another for my uncle because I got tired of using a salmon net to catch and release steelies.
Those rangers look pretty nice for the price, how does that net bag work for you as far as size go? Id hate to try and net a 20+ chinook and have it being much to small to handle a fish of that size.
I've got one just a little smaller than that and it works quite well for 18-20lb steelhead from the drift boat. The bag is a bit shallow, but no so much that I worry about losing the fish. They are great for releasing and quick hook removal. Downside is that it can be a bitch to net your own fish with one when you are alone because of the extra weight/drag on the rubber mesh. They are a bit cumbersome one handed. Oh, and they don't float. :(
I have been reseaching wood landing nets for a while now and there are very few with a long enough handle to land fish off a drift boat or raft. Rushton landing nets are expensive but probably the sweetest nets I have found. The babine by Rushton is a beautiful net and really put together. Jeff Brazda a site sponser has a guy that has started building a steelhead size wooden landing net. I have looked at a couple proto types and they look great with a fair price compared to the Rushton nets made in Canada. My friend and I are working on building our own nets at the moment. We are in the early stages so far built our first jig and wraped our first frame last week. Started with a trout size and then we will be going toa steelhead capable net basket after we get some confidence. We work in a hardwood mill and have a lot of cool looking maple to work with.

Don and Mumbles, have either of you had any problems with the hook getting caught in the Measure Net rubber bags? I was fishing the other day and the fish hook got caught in the measure part of the net on the outside. I love the net, but was a little worried when I bought that the hook would get stuck in that part of the net. Mainly happened because I was fishing with a dropper fly.
Bruce, I've never had a hook stick in the rubber bag or the mesh nylon of the measure nets I have. I guess it is possible, but so far so good for me. I don't fish dropper rigs much. My casting sucks so bad I normally am lucky to be able to cast a single fly.
only problem i have run into with the measure nets is if you leave your nets in the boat where they belong. sometimes the fabric will freeze to the bottom of the boat..... its all about the rubber
The steelhead net I use now is custom made by Darrel Johnson he has finished about 8 of them and they are getting better all the time four of my guide buddies are using them now. Been through a few trials with mesh and I have found the plastic coated knotless is far better on the fish and the hooks. The fish can roll and twist in the net "wile under water of corse" and not spin up in the web as much which helps in un hooking and safe handling. I also recomend the wood long hande for it's light weight and fast scoop and when handlig for release the net will float and fish are calm and just swimming in the bag. I clip on a handling glove in case we want a pic and for fast water release. I can not say enough on how much better these types of nets are on the steelhead, i feel that by using a net at all times you land the fish MUCH quicker and it is far safer on the steelhead for catch and release, they are reviving IMEDIATLY once in the net as they are held in deeper water and unhooked wile breathing properly and any photographing is done after the fish has been calm in the net underwater and usually revived to the extent of being hard to hold onto. PM me and I would be happy to put you in touch with Darrel.
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