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Saw this on the news last night.....just thought some of you might want to see it......be safe and carefull out there guys....

http://www.theolympian.com/home/news/20021003/southsound/13129.shtml :SAD
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I spoke to Mark Watters(left on front of paper) today at my work where he works off duty and he convinced me to buy a PFD of somesort. He told me today that the 71 year old was found an hour ago around 3pm or so. I told him I normally don't fish with a PFD and don't go into waters no higher than knee to thigh high, he just gave me a caring and firm look and said "Trust me, you need to buy one!"
I admit I have fell in rivers twice and it was very SCARY! I am now looking into a vest that has a pull device with CO2 to trigger the air. These are alot lighter.
Hopefully the rest will follow me on buying a PFD, but those who don't, swallow your pride and don't think twice of crossing waters that you are not familiar with or at the least bit weary of.


Matthew 4:19
I admit I have fell in rivers twice and it was very SCARY! I am now
I almost drowned 2 years ago when I was fishing on the Sky for the first time. I spotted 3 resting steelhead from the railroad bridge. I was too excited about the fish so I waded too far and had fallen into deep water. I couldn't get out of the ice-cold water immediately becouse of strong current. This was unforgettable river safety lesson.
Don't wear hip waders

Sad story.

Wading is a dangerous affair but the real problem in this story is hip waders. Earlier this year an angler died on the Deschuttes near Maupin because he was wearing hippers and fell in. Hip boots flood instantly. At least with neoprene or breathable wadders the wading belt will slow flooding allowing more time to get to safety. I have actually swam to safety in my waders after falling in and getting swept into a deep hole.

I have seen many anglers trying to wade on the Yakima recently wearing these. In my opinion no angler should wear hip waders on any Washingtion river unless it is a realy small creek with no hole deeper than five feet (in case you fall in and get swamped) or you are chucking gear off the bank and don't plan on wading past your shins. :pROFESSOR
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This is sad!! About three weeks ago I was fly fishing on the Nisqually,between RR bridge and were the Indians were cleaning their salmon. I'd been out in the middle most of the day and when I started back to the bank the water had rissin. I slipped and fell in and went down stream about 30', planted my feet and stood up . My neo. wadders got some water in them but not alot. People need to remember not to pannic , face down river, plant feet ,and let the current push you back up. this is comming from someone with alot of exp. in falling in , I can't get next to water without swim'in.
The only time i have ever fallen in with waders was in a pretty large river in new mexico. I just floated downstream for a while until the water got a little bit more shallow. The neo's that i have just bubbled up and got quite bouyant. The only thing that got wet was my shirt and my supposedly waterproof :ANGRY vest(i got my wallet wet and some other stuff). Oh well, 1 downstream float for all the years that I have flyfished, not bad. I usually wet wade in July and August, just because the temperature is so friggin hot.

After reading this story, and all of your replies, as well as the other members story about reaching for a long cast and then falling into that lake in B.C. has made me do some thinking.

What are the safe waders? I have neopreams (I know that is spelled wrong)but I never wear the shoulder harness and just wear them as pants. Are they dangerous?

I am going to drive over to Orvis right now and get me something to wear while fishing.

Peace be with the fisherman and I will pray for his family.


Phil :SAD
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I spoke to the guys at the Morning Hatch in Tacoma and they said the 71 year old was wearing Orvis breathable waders with a belt and had a "cane" ? Information was from a person that is really good friends with the man who died.
Regardless of what type of waders you wear, please know your limits and don't let your ego get in the way.

"Follow Me and I will make you fishers of Men"
Matthew 4:19
I found the perfect PDF!

I was going to buy the Orvis with internal SOSpenders, but didn't want to fork out the 170.00. Got mine at Sportco in Fife for 90.00. Its got manual,auto and CO2 activation. The auto works when the vest is submerged in water for 3-5 seconds. Awesome PFD!

"Follow Me and I will make you fishers of Men"
Matthew 4:19
Can you wear the suspenders under your vest? How about the SOSpenders belt, would that be less intrusive yet still provide for enough floatation?
According to the directions, they do not recommend wearing them under any clothing, since it might minimize the size of the lifevest. I don't really see any difference compared to the Orvis vest with the built-in SOSpenders except 100.00. I wouldn't use the SOS waist pack since it might get wet and auto-expand. When it does, a life vest comes out of the pack. I honestly don't think you have enough time to put that over you head while your head is dunked 5' underwater!
I don't see having a problem putting it over my vest or under. I guess I would put it under my vest but will try not to smother the PFD with the vest. Maybe unzip the vest or something. Will test it out tomorrow.

"Follow Me and I will make you fishers of Men"
Matthew 4:19
Hey Skycries57......I am really glad that you are putting out this info about the PDF...I had never heard of them......can you tell me if they are like duty rated for bigger guys......I weight about 250lbs and wonder if this would work for me.....


I think nepremes are very safe, though I wear the suspenders in the winter. I've even been known to wear a Old Farmer John wetsuit with a dry top when it is raining sideways and it is hard to tell wether the air or water is actually wetter.

As previously stated not only do they float well, but they breath and the air does not tend to bubble. Further, they provide good insulation after the initial shock when you go into the water, and hypothermia is an omniprescent concern the moment you're swimming, at least during the monsoons.

In the summer, I too find them way to hot.
Here is ALL the information you will need to know about the "SOSPENDERS PFD" http://sospenders.com/models.html
For larger dudes, I believe the model35 is suitable. Made for longer torsos and heavier weight.
PS, these are somewhat spendy but its just like buying a motorcycle helmet; Do you buy a Quality shoei,AGV,HJC helmet or a Kmart-50-dollar-just-to-get-you-by-cheapie?

" How much is your life worth? "

"Follow Me and I will make you fishers of Men"
Matthew 4:19
I got the stearns CO2 inflatable fishing vest for 80.00 at Outdoor Emporium. It's just like the Orvis one. For all you Newbies, Outdoor Emporium has the best prices around on all sorts of fishing gear. Like leaders and tippet spools, they beat everybody by at least a buck or two. When you go though as many leaders as me, the savings add up. It's on Pontius and ?, a few blocks from REI downtown. Worth the drive. :pROFESSOR YT
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