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Don't wear hip waders

Sad story.

Wading is a dangerous affair but the real problem in this story is hip waders. Earlier this year an angler died on the Deschuttes near Maupin because he was wearing hippers and fell in. Hip boots flood instantly. At least with neoprene or breathable wadders the wading belt will slow flooding allowing more time to get to safety. I have actually swam to safety in my waders after falling in and getting swept into a deep hole.

I have seen many anglers trying to wade on the Yakima recently wearing these. In my opinion no angler should wear hip waders on any Washingtion river unless it is a realy small creek with no hole deeper than five feet (in case you fall in and get swamped) or you are chucking gear off the bank and don't plan on wading past your shins. :pROFESSOR
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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