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First real outing on the Cedar for this year. I was blessed with the company of my 18 year old son, which is always a treat.

Parked at our normal spot at about 6:30 PM and head down to work our normal section on the river. Worked the upper stretches of the area we fish and worked our way down the the money hole the past few years. I used a dry-dropper and then a black woolly bugger. Had some hits on the bugger but nothing solid - call it early season jitters for me.

Tied on a dry and I met my son down at the money hole - who by this time was into fish number 4. We proceeded to work this hole for quite awhile (with drys) and managed 14 fish to the net for the both of us and perhaps 8 or so LDR. One memorable LDR for my son was a brute of a fish that did a tail dance and promptly snapped his 5X tippet (bad knot by him) - estimated this baby as a 20 incher or so ... easily the biggest fish of the night.

Most fish were in the 6-10 inch variety but I did manage an 18 incher to the net. Did not really seem to matter what type of dry fly we had on, EHC, mosquito ... it all worked last night.


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Good times. I went out this AM on the lower reaches, and using a sizable stone nymph on the dead-drift, had one fish hook-up, then later, two branch hooks. Either way, it was a good morning. I really need to learn some single handed spey techniques. A hung back cast is just no fun at all; almost went for a cool dunk because of one.

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