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Cedar River

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Did I miss something?
The Cedar/Lake Washington are still closed right.
I've seen three guys fishing the Cedar in the last few days.
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Closed until further notice. Wish I was clueless and uninformed so I could be out there too.
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Call the poaching hotline.

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They're probably packing semi-automatics for self-defence. Obviously, no intimidation intended.
It's just the locals
Sarcasm? Sometimes that doesn't come across without the appropriate emoji. :confused:

Or does that make it OK?
I see baitslingers poaching every year. I'm very frustrated it is not open as I live and work in Renton and would go fish before and after work everyday
Poachers that harm the fishing on the Cedar bother me just as much as the rest of you and I've also made phone calls to the authorities when I've seen folks fishing with bait. But there is no damage to the fish or any endangered species by my spending a few hours in the evening catching some small rainbows on a barbless fly. The fact that faceless bureaucrats in the Federal government are preventing me from this enjoyment in our own river really raises my blood pressure.
100% agree happy camper. Like who ever catches any salmon fly fishing thay river anyway? I could barely get a decent rainbow last yer...
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