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I was also at Lenore yesterday with a couple of buddies. I believe I was anchored right along side of you in a blue outcast. Did you have a red dry bag hitched to the side of your boat? I was the guy with no net and enjoying the hot "bobber action" along with 47 other people at the North end.

I still cannot believe the amount of insect activity on that lake. No wonder those fish are so healthy. I had one take off as soon as it was hooked and burn across the lake upset that he had been fooled. My 5 weight couldn't stop his run and he just entered my backing before coming unbuttoned on one constant pull. I palmed the reel but everytime I lightened the pressure, he capitalized. I've never had a Lahotan do that to me, normally they just bulldog, tire, and head in. I wish I could have seen that fish, but there was no stopping him especially with 5X tippet. How big do those fish get? #16 red snowcone was on the menu.:thumb

Next up...Dry Falls.

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