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Regarding lakes in Central Oregon...

I haven't had much experience in Central Oregon, but I know Eastern Oregon has a lot of really good lakes. They include Chickahominy, Crane Prairie Reservoir, Davis Lake, East Lake, Hosmer Lake, Lava Lake, and Mann Lake. Unfortunately, the lake fishing in the first couple of weeks will be pretty spotty. Chickahominy went dry during the drought this year and there isn't much in the way of fish left. Crane Prairie is an awesome place but is closed until April 26th. The rest of the lakes mentioned have had low water problems and some of them will still have ice.

My suggestion is to hit the Metolius, Deschutes, Crooked, and Fall Rivers, in that order. The Metolius is insane, beautiful, unique, and funky. One of my all time favorite rivers. I haven't fished the rest, but I know the Deschutes has good trout fishing but the steelhead are mostly summer runs. The Crooked is supposed to be good fishing, but I hear the trout are pretty small.

Best of luck!


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