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Should be interesting

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Just the tip of the iceberg. Some great perspectives coming on the good, bad, ugly and still promising state of Washington's State Fish.

More background: http://wildsteelheadcoalition.org/2016/08/steelhead-country-preview/

Full series and website coming soon...
Should be interesting, hopefully they don't sugar coat it.
Caught my first steelhead on the Puyallup in 1968 and fished the McMillan area a lot. Some beautiful fish were taken in that area.
I'll admit I was part of the problem.....
I continue to be impressed with how involved folks are with conservation, building and investing in the fisheries future. I fished a lot of Steelhead in Ontario Canada, and the real anadromous species here is more impressive; but it is a lot harder on the fish to live in both salt and fresh water, be great to help preserve that, or at least know more.
Good stuff.

Refreshing to see someone have the self awareness to admit the demise of steelhead is a direct result of the decades upon decades of careless resource raping. Spend 5 minutes here and you would be convinced the decline is solely due to a few guys with a go pro. Path of least resistance is to blame others....but it never works out.
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Path of least resistance is to blame others....but it never works out.
It is difficult to look in the mirror and admit what you have been doing is wrong. If we want to have anadromous fish in our future, it is imperative that we do just that.
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