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Chehalis River-should I bring rods

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Cowlitz River-should I bring rods

Leaving Montana Wednesday to travel to the area to accompany my Dad to the doctor.
I'm not asking for where, just should I bring rods with, or is the river in shape?
The water flows look like they have been yoyoing. Anybody fished it recently? Or would I be doing casting practice?
Not that I'm against casting practice, I did it two weeks ago on the "Root" just to get out of the house. Actually caught a few fish and got some excercise, so it was a great day.
Dad lives in Ryderwood (you take the exit off I-5 right where it crosses the river).
Any info can be PMed to me if you want to keep conditions a secret.
Thanks in advance.

I guess it shows how long it's been since I fished in the area.
It's the Cowlitz I'm inquireing about. My bad.
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Cowlitz River-should I bring rods

Well, seein' howz ya tricked me into reading this thread, the Cowlips below Mayfield Dam is now running at 11,300cfs. I have never run it at over 7,000cfs, and like it better at 6,000cfs or below. I can't say how it is at these high flows. Dam operator has to spill more water from the dam during warmer heavy rain events, as the freezing level gains altitude. We are currently experiencing wet and warm weather, lots of rain thru Wedn, with Thursday looking like a decent break in the precip. After that?
If you bring your fishing gear, you'll have it in case the river drops to a fishable level. If you don't, you won't. Pretty easy.

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