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The after dark bite was off last week. No one could figure out why.

Adult damsels were out in droves along with several mayfly hatches during the day as well as again in the evening.

Monday of that week, June 16 was really hot, a guy with a thermometer said the lake was 72 degrees. I thought the fish were a bit lethargic and that may have explained why. Handle your fish with care, carry a long handle net as you may need it after a too quick release. We had to spend at least 10 minutes with several fish, one on a renetting from the bottom. Swam away looking good then on his side on the bottom, long handled net another 5 minutes and this time he kept going.

My brother gave me a good tip, the fish are full of lactic acid after being caught and they just forget to breathe, what works well for him is to keep them in the net tied off to your craft. This keeps them off the bottom where they may suffocate in the mud while they are re-figuring out the breathing thing. Move them around a bit and when they are doing fine, kiss em and say goodbye

The weather has been colder since then so hopefully the lake is cooler.

1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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