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The gear guys will often drift a red or green marabou jig suspended under a bobber through a pod of chum. This is very effective. Taking a cue from them, I've caught chum by dead drifting a red or chartreuse fly (inc chum candy) on the end of an intermediate sink tip through a chum hole. I usually don't swing a fly when 'chumming' because I seem to get more foul hooks that way.

Chum are somewhat different than Kings and Coho in that they'll find a slot in a fast, deep riffle, and stack up. By contrast, Kings and Coho will almost always lie in deep, slow water (unless spawning).

Mattzoid and I were on the Sky yesterday and I hooked, but LLR'd, a chum in the riffle at the bottom of 2-bit. So they're there.

Good luck,

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