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Yeah,Yeah,Yeah, and I would hate wet-behind-the-ears braggarts except that it is much easier to be totally indifferent to 'em. :TSKTSK

Congratulations on your good day. :THUMBSUP

The "Dungey" was very low and clear and full of chums when I left my parent's house (a couple of minutes from the river) on friday, but I chose to head out to the wild west end to try to find some steelies, checking the Lyre (also low and clear...too low) and then the Sol Duc (low but enticing and I got skunked) and then a quick recon of a spot on the Bogy at dusk-59 before completing the counter-clockwise 101 Loop and heading back to Grayland. Checked the Dosewallips thurs a.m. and it was low and clear and I saw only one fish below the 101 bridge and an ouzel doing its thing under water with one wing breaking the surface, momentarily fooling me into thinking it was a fish before it suddenly surfaced and flew off. Did stop to check Waters West in P.A. and it was a really cool shop and ended up buying some flies, an Airflo Mult-tip, and a Temple Fork Outfitters 9' 6wt.(I'm on a low budget). Great customer service. A ton-o-work now has me by the nads and it may be friday before I can go out to try my new stuff, but I love the way it cast in my yard. Hit the frisbee I use as a target at 50' + on the third cast, and three more times in the next half hour, which is an improvement for me.

"Life is too short to waste time hating anything." - Jimbo
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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