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Becoming a man...

...has absolutely nothing to do with fly fishing, gear fishing, or any other sport. Stay in school, learn how to spell and speak correctly. Puncuation is a skill you could aquire too. When you finally become a man you will not need to hate anything or anyone.

By the way, nice Brown.


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Bob Lawless,

Where did the term "Bank Maggot" originate from? Is it because gear heads leave little styrafoam containers lining the rivers edge--remnants of the days exhausted supply of Nightcrawlers. I suppose there would probably be a few shmidt cans there too.


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being politically correct sucks

dont forget cheap beer (like busch!), cause after all half of the bait chuckers (except me) are hicks lookin to bring home dinner for aunt bessie who is also mom and grandpa (dont ask me how :DUNNO )all 12 of the "chillin" and the 3 wives....but seriously, it is monroe... i heard that they recruit for jerry springer in the vast hills that is monroe.

just kidding of course :DEVIL

stop the hate increase the peace

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