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Clacka Lp Or Clacka Eddy

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good evening,

Has anyone Rowed the eddy and lp clacka?
Would anyone recommend one or the other for calmer water in Montana?

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Have you seen this recent thread?


I had an LP several years ago, but decided to buy an Eddy after talking to several Eddy owners.
Eddy. Rowed like a dream. My friends boat, its a stellar setup.
for calmer water in Montana?

Have you thought about a skiff? Clacka, RO and Adipose

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I really want an Adipose Flow, but they are expensive. Some listed on their site that are a few years old are going for 8,500 - 9,500. I came across a 2016 Eddy with the mega bench for 7k and its in really good condition, comes with everything. I email a guy about a clacka head hunter but he sold it before I could get there. They are more reasonable in price, found a few used ones between 4-5k
If you like the walk around interior of adipose look at the RO skiffs they have been making walk around models since 08

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I know they are made pretty much in my backyard but I've yet to see one for a decent pric. I should know by this weekend if the Shop will sell my a 2016 Eddy for 7k.
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