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Classic Accessories Colorado Pontoon

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Is anyone using one of these? Either the normal one or the XT.

Reviews? Durability? Stability? And hell, can you stand and cast on one?

Thanks y'all
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If you ever then no you might want to take it down a river with rocks and some whitewater, I'd spend the money on a used higher end pontoon, like an Outcast or Bucks.
That's if you ever think you might want to go down a river...

Darn autocorrect.
Is anyone using one of these? Either the normal one or the XT.

Reviews? Durability? Stability? And hell, can you stand and cast on one?

Thanks y'all
Hi TroutHustle,

I have a Colorado XT with the wheel and the electric motor.

First off, Classic that is located in Kent has great customer service. No questions asked while under warranty. Durability is very good on the material, but I have managed to somehow run my pontoons on some rocks near the shore of lakes and cause a very small hole in the pontoon material. All I did was took some patching material it came with and glued it on with Gorilla Glue. Stability is very good, but it does catch the wind like any other. I use my anchor system quite a bit with the little pulley. No, you most defiantly cannot stand on it to catch......you don't really need to. The wheel is great because it is a little heavy.

I designed a pulley system and keep it assembled and hanging up on the garage.

Very satisfies overall.

Hope this helps,

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Ditto what Jamie says, but forewarned:

1) I wouldn't recommend rivers
2) Within 1-2yrs you will want to upgrade (just more $$$ on this hobby) anyway as at best it is an entry level toon. Fine for stillwaters.
3) Play it extra safe as I'm sure you do.
Yes, I have one (XT) the 9 ft, and love it.

I bought it used for $200, and it had only been used twice.

To answer your questions; very durable, very, very stable, and not sure.

I suppose you could stand, I just haven't yet. I'm sure you could, as it is a very stable boat.
I have had a Classic Accessories toon for several years. I bought it from Costco and promptly called Classic to buy some spare "just in case" parts. The lady I dealt with told me the Costco boat at that time was the same, except for color, as the Colorado being sold through Cabelas for twice as much. She sold me a spare bladder, inflator adapter, air valve, oarlock and frame pins for $35 bucks. I have been VERY satisfied. I have used the boat on lakes and rivers and would not advise running any white water. I have not used it in salt, but I suspect corrosion would set in quickly.

My toon has pockets at the ends of each ....sponson?....whatever you call the floats. For on the water use those pockets are useless unless your arms are 4 feet long, but the center pockets are spacious. The stripping apron leaves much to be desired. The wheel is a huge plus for old guys. The oars that came with mine are great. The skins are pretty heavy duty, but I still keep a sharp eye for broken glass ans jagged metal trash. I am 6' and 230 lbs and my butt usually stays dry until I start hard rowing in 8" chop. The boat came with an elastic cord that hooks into rings on the front of each sponson. If you use it you can pull into the bank and stand to fish without the boat drifting or blowing away from you.

I sure as hell can't stand on mine, but then I have balance issues on a sidewalk. Your talent may vary. See my avatar for a front view of the boat.
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Very valuable input all. Thank you!

The price point on these things is pretty spot on for my pontoon budget.

I'm mainly thinking lakes. I won't be floating any rivers in it.
I wasn't a big fan of CA's single wheel transport, it was really difficult to balance while hauling for longer than across a parking lot. I've seen others with (homemade?) two-wheel carts that you might consider if you visit Lenice, Quail, etc. very often.

Not a dealbreaker, just something to consider.
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