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Coldwater Or Merrill

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Anyone fish Coldater or Merrill Lake lately?
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I fished Coldwater about 10 days ago, on one of the last of those rainy days. I did pick up a few fish on the surface using either Callibaetis parachutes or a yellow stimulator. It was too cold for the hoppers to be flying and I didn't seen any hatches of note. Other fishers were catching bows on trolled buggers. I was surprised at how warm the very surface water was, especially on an overcast day and with cool rain showers. I have backed off fishing Coldwater recently because of concerns over reviving stressed trout in warm water. I may head back next week after this latest hot spell breaks.
Anyone fish Coldater or Merrill Lake lately?
Terry: So good to see you on the net. I'm so sorry we weren't able to stop by a couple months ago. There were 2 wrecks along I-5 that nigh tand we had to avoid them by going home on hwy 30. And I lost the info you sent to me on how to get in touch with you. My computer crashed and lost everything. Hope you are doing well. I did fish Coldwater about 3 weeks ago. It was a fun day. Had around 50 on and managed to net 34 with the biggest at 17 1/2 inches but most were in the 13-15 inch range on a wooley bugger on a fast strip down deep. Now I'm after kings. Tim and I have had some awesome fishing this last week or so. Have had 6 hits with 4 in the boat. Nothing real big, but fun to catch. Please send me your contact number on my private e-mail site if you can and we can maybe connect up. You take care and get better. Denny


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