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Coming home for weekend! Where should I go?

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Fly daughter from Indiana back to friends to Tacoma on Thursday, looking for somewhere to fish on Friday. Going to meet up with my brother after I take care of some personal business. So I will have from noon on, I have heard PNW has gotten a lot of rain and seems like rivers maybe out. Me anytime on the river is worth it, but hows has the Yak, Ceder, Snoqualmie and others really been. Just probably just flip a coin and go, like I always do.

William BRAVEHEART Wallace
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I guess the Sky has been hitting maybe call and ask the guys at All About the Fly since they are on the river, good luck. ( Its in shape )
Thanx! Not a lot of time to do anything but just need to say I fished while I was back. Who knows where I go. Just want to get out fishing with my brother. Catching that's a bonus! Only coming with a trout rod, due to space. But we will see.
Glad to hear the Clan Wallace will be having a get together. I've not been to the Yakima in a while but I'm itching to fish it again. Maybe I get lucky and run into you guys out there. Safe trip here, on the water, and back to your duty station and thanks for your continued service.
Hey Braveheart, if you need to borrow a rod let me know. I still have that Deer Creek 7/8 you sold me a couple years back and I have a spare reel with a 550 skagit on it. Don't let lack of gear keep you from going steelheading, I'd be happy to let you borrow it.
Thanx again for the wonderful greetings back to PNW. Wish I never had to leave but I will be back, only in time.

The Snoqualmie is not fishing at all. The flows are good but the summer runs seem to be hiding and it is way to early for SRC's.

The Cedar may be a good bet.

The Yakima around CleElum may be worth a shot if the flows don't go up any higher.

I fished the Cedar at Landsburg for about 1 1/2 hours on Wednesday. No fishies but did get to try my new 5wt switch rod and a 224gr Compact Scandi line and found that it worked well enough - although have many more experiments to try with different lines & set ups. I was using the Wulff Ambush line that Anil loaned me a couple of weeks ago that I've only tried on the grass until now. Anybody notice how much different casting on the grass is compared to casting on the water? Casting mechanics are the same but the timing and the feel are completely different....for some reason I cast much further on the grass....waaay farther than I need to for real trout in waters around here.

Now I need to learn more about actual fishing, flies, techniques - all the "when, why, where and hows" of the game in order to play well.....slow process for the simple-minded for sure!

Well, I had an awesome time with my brother. We met in North Bend and went to the Yak. We walked up stream from where we parked and hit the river. Well my bro was the first to hook into a fish. Took me awhile before I had my first tug, but it was worth it. We waded passed the car and kept fishing down stream. Weather was beautiful, sunny, not a cloud in the sky. He used dries most of the day and I stuck to nymph's. We were maybe equal for the fish we caught. Nothing of great size, but hey, size does not matter when it comes to fishing! Wish I had more time back to the PNW.

When I flew in and picked up my rental car and started to drive, it felt like home! Been gone just over a year and it did not seem like it. Drove by my old house and well, they do not take care of it at all. I hate it when you take care of something, sell it and then look at your hard work go to %$*%#!!!!! Oh well got my money back out of it.

Talking to the wife and I think the whole family will be coming back latter August or September. More fishing for me. Possible archery huntin' also. Who knows.

Thank you all for your input, that is what I love about the site and the people of the PNW!

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The Yak seems to be working, so you might think about that one...stones and hoppers are beginning to come out according to Red's.
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