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Congrats Constructeur on a hell of a first Steelface!

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Sorry man, I had to steal your thunder :thumb: Not like you would've come on here to brag anyway....

We met up at 4am this morning and started driving. Got to (insert spot here) at daylight and took a long trek to the water, only to find a line of gear dudes roaching though the run. We turned around and took a long walk back to the car and drove some more, pulled over to a spot I'd never fished before, and tried again. It was pouring rain something fierce, but we somehow had the will and the energy to give it a go. I was swinging my spey on the upper part of the run while he took the lower half the run swinging a type 3 sink tip on his single hander.

We had just got done admiring a textbook picturesque bald eagle fly by when I look over to see him with a taco that used to be a 10' fly rod. I threw down my gear and sprinted over to assist. Took a good 5+ mins for the fish to surface, and we both thought he had hooked in to a springer. It wasn't until quite a while later that the fish was up close enough to identify it as a buck winter steelhead weighing in in at least the upper teens. After several failed landing attempts, and hard run after hard run, he had his first ever steelhead to hand! And it doesn't get much more ridiculous than this for a first time steel. An absolutely ridiculous fish in every sense.
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Beauty! Great buddy post Evan, even better manscaping on Terry's 'stash!
Nice one Terry! Congrats man - that is awesome.

Great fish! First ones the hard one.. You did it in style :cool:
Man cant beat that as first steelhead. Even a native.
I see you discreetly screened out the foliage to better disguise your location - that's keeping it close to the chest! Nice fish, dreams do come true.
I see you discreetly screened out the foliage to better disguise your location
Derek- Only the mustache is fake, those are real live rain clouds around me. Nice waders though huh? ;)

Believe it or not you guys this was only my third time of targeting steelhead. With that said I've recently spent a heap of time reading on presentation and reading water and apparently all that paid off!

I also have to give thanks to a few people:

Evan B- This lad is always down to chase steel, and help out if possible. I caught this bad boy on his reel, his line, his fly, he drove, and even bought me cookies after the fact!

Dec Hogan- I'm sure some may find this corny, but I was not at all presenting my wares properly untill reading A Passion For Steelhead I was also able to meet him this last weekend @ Avid Angler and after shooting the breeze felt I was able to fish much more confidently.

Anally retentive conservation minded board members- All those posts on how to handle a big native paid off. We may not have kept the "honorable foot" but the fish was never in less that 8" of water, and though he wasn't easy to handle we didn't drag him all over the shallows or beat the crap out of him in a pathetic poorly planned release.
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Thought you looked familiar Terry, saw you at Avid on Saturday night. Great job man!
Congrats on your fish SHT on the swing and well done for both you and Evan. Great looking fish and I think the new facial hair is an improvement, too. Working the fish like you did, caring for it for the release and recognizing others that help make it all happen.: that is walking a true walk my friend.

An absolutely ridiculous fish in every sense.
Definitely ridiculous and definitely not an Atlantic salmon!..

Nice job Constructeur!
he bought you cookies??? now i'm pissed.

oh and i'm not ruling out atlantic salmon until the scale samples return from UW.
Great going Terry Glad to see you did it and Evan was a good help and cookies too. Thanks for the pic and takiing care of the fish. Do it again then hit the repeat button.
Geeze....cut into the main artery and let go of the life force. Will it get any better? Three trips....Three trips!......Three trips!!!

Be open for a major case of karmic woop ass, aka regression to the mean. Translation....three trips don't mean you paid your dues, so be wary and be grateful. Enjoy the blessing. Congrats

3rd trip, eh? *dry heaves* Good onya! *smoldering rage* That's one hell of a fish! *crying jag* I've still not caught one. *graphite splintering* . I chased steel pretty hard all last season without even a tug, but I just like getting out there. *climbing over ledge of bridge* It's not about the fish for me. *stubs cigar out on cheek* Good luck to you in all future piscatorial endeavors. *maniacal laughter, glassy eyes, mutterings; Forks, T14, grain windows, sea lice, runs, snapcircledeltaspeyanchordloopbottomhand.....z;v;afvhagpergogfag a aog [oregmw,gmqh[er gimc,[e[gifoc,gf hgohgiigl., igb;s*
Wow, you are a lucky man! Nice work. I couldn't make it to Avid, but nice to know you did your homework and have the mojo to match! You can't beat that with a stick!
Congrat's Terry! Beautiful fish!
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