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cool iphone fishing apps and games

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Let me give :thumb::thumb: 2 thumbs up for this new i phone APP i just got the other day

it gives me instant data on weather, river flows and lunar cycles, which i can set up for any river

it also has a tides section which i haven't really played around with yet
the only negative is that it is a bit expensive [email protected] 6.99

here is the link http://www.fishheadapp.com/

Fly Fisherman Magazine Jan/Feb 2010
Designed by fly fishers for fly fishers, FishHead ($6.99, fishheadapp.com) is the handiest fishing application for your iPhone that we've tested so far. The app bundles weather, tides, and river flows into a slick, easy-to-read format for real-time localized knowledge at your fingertips. The information is organized by location and, using a simple search engine, allows you to tap into USGS stream and river flows, plan a trip around prime tides, and scant the latest weather conditions. General data is displayed onscreen in three parts, with a "details" button to access specifics such as trends, forecasts and graphs. The app also lets you save up to 20 tide and 20 river locations as favorites. FishHead is available from the iTunes App Store.

I also downloaded FLICK FISHING which is a pretty cool fishing game

this is only $0.99

I've also downloaded a few cool apps
such as GOOGLE EARTH which is free and works great

one app i don't like is the :beathead: ACCUTERRA navigation app as the map quality is poor

Also, on another note, the new wff.com format works much better on my iphone, so that is cool. maybe vbulletin will come out with a m.wff.com format!??
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I used Fishbook all this year. It works fine for collecting pictures of fish and the bugs that caught 'em on your iPhone, but the picture function is a little buggy and doesn't include GPS data (which the iPhone photo app does normally). Nor can you use gestures to look more closely at the picture. Lastly, there is no way to export all the data into your computer, so it's really not a database per se.

So I looked around for another app and found After the Catch (http://www.afterthecatchmobile.com). It allows you to record exactly where you caught a fish by snapping the photo. Assumedly you can follow the GPS data right back to the original spot with a GPS iPhone App. You can also view lake and river maps of your trips and see little pins where your fish were caught. So far, though, no way to export the data to computer. Also, I haven't figured out a way to look at all the trips to a particular lake, say, and figure out the hot spots where you've been catching all the fish, which seems to me to be the point of these apps. I haven't used this one for more than a couple trips, though, so I might be wrong about some things, but so far, anyway, I like it the best.

Oh, and it automatically downloads weather data, temp, wind speed, direction, barometer, humidity, sunrise/set, and moon phase for each trip.
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Yes. You can log trips where you catch no fish, with all the weather data and the lake name where you didn't catch. I forgot to mention, it also allows you to log water temp. Just dip your iPhone over the side...

Just kidding. You have to use your own thermometer and enter water temp manually.

It's pretty thorough, still, I'd like to be able to see all the data on my computer and mess around with it in MS Excel or some such program.
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