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Just got back from a trip down the Cowlitz, no I didn't end up hooking any summer steelhead...However, the river is choked with smolts! Literally every cast had a bump and/or a hook-up with young steelhead, young coho and young/semi-young sea-runs. I was fishing a 2/0 fly, but as you know, those smolts are aggressive and they attack flies they shouldn't. According to one fisherman, 8 million of the little devils have been released within the last two weeks.

My main reason for posting this is just to remind everyone to keep those barbs pinched so that we don't damage the next crop!

There have been a few summer-runs caught, and with the river running at 5,000 cfs, it makes for optimum conditions. I was happy to see 3-4 spey fisherman out today! The river is virtually empty, (as it always is once you leave the crowded Blue-creek and Barrier dam).

Ladies/Gentleman...it looks like Summer steelhead are just around the corner!

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