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Coyote Hunting Rookie

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Hi Guys,

Now that bird season is over i have been excited to try and coyote hunt before creek fishing gets up and going. i have no experience with chasing coyotes, but really want to give it a try. i recently went to cabelas with my dad and got a scope put on the AR-15 and got it sighted in at 200 yrds dead on. I have been researching calls but still cna't descide on what one to buy.:beathead: do you guys have any suggestions on calls, where to try and hunt for them in eastern washington near moses lake vantage area, and or any tips for hunting these guys? thanks for the help


Any body can hunt for birds, only real men can hunt for Chukar!
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Mark- dump a bunch of duck carcasses in an area you know to have some dogs in it. then set up on a vantage point and shoot em up.
The breaks with the chukar also usually hold a lot of coyotes.
Coyotes are everywhere, check the regs for what is legal to use for lures and calls then push the limits.
Urban areas are thick with dogs. Urban dogs don't have much pressure put on them, not as call smart.
The edges of orchards. Dogs are in feeding on fallen rotten fruit.
One call won't do, you will have to mix it up.
Steep banks next to hi-ways, climb the banks and call, if nothing in 15 to 30 mins leave and try another spot.
Back in the bad ole days my neighbor would find a house cat and tie it to a stump, but that was the bad ole days.
Practice with open reed calls. Get out & talk with landowners. "Where coyotes AREN'T found" would be a shorter list. I quit hunting them at the end of February (thus leaving next year's progeny intact).
Kill as many as you can to increase fawn and calf survival. There is no shortage of dogs out there and you will never depleat the resource.Fawns and calfs have a hard enough time surviving there first year without being torn to pieces by some coyote.
You have to be pretty clever to full a coyote, they are not a dumb animal to target.

Have fun!
Oops, sorry for getting off the subject. Johnny Sterwart electronic calls work great and have really good distress sounds. Buy a wireless model so you can get a distance from the call to set up down wind with your rifle. Lots of fun!
i just got a Primos "Lil Dog" i have been playing with it for a few days. I was up near chelan and on the side of the highway i spotted a dog. me and my buddy pulled over and gave him some rabbit distress calls. i got him to stop and look back but then what do you know the ca behind me pulls over and loads up. haha got to love the locals. i had to explain to my mom that, that kind of stuff only flys on the east side of the mountains haha. sure am exited to give it a try, any suggestions on where to go?
Near Chelan, Manson, Brewster, Bridgeport, Chief Joe Dam, Foster creek, farm roads back to Waterville.
Good maps are a must.
When you call make sure you have a good set-up. Pay attention when you access areas and watch the wind when calling. They are pretty smart animals and receive quite a bit of hunting pressure over here.

Good luck and have fun
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