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I'm used to seeing cuttbows with much finer spots. Not these big prominent spots.
I know that spots on fish can vary in size and amount (less or more spots). Browns are a good example of this.
But this fish..I'm assuming it is heavy on the rainbow side and less so on the cutt?
I've only seen a couple west slope cutts in my day. Could that account for the large spots? In this water it isn't impossible, but I've seen coastals here for sure.
My cutt knowledge is lacking sadly.
Any thoughts?


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If a lake, looks Lahontan Cutthtroat to me. One of the ones a tad heavy on the spotting.

Lahontans from Pyramid to Lenore have pretty much had some rainbow mixed in (the Summit Lake strain in Pyramid now may be as close to pure as possible).

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Ditto on the lahontan cutt vote. Never seen one with spotting like that, though. Very unlikely to be a true hybrid, especially given the worn fins. I don't see any mykiss resemblance, but the spot size and greater frequency towards the tail give it a westslope-y look.
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