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Freshwater Cutthroat are not that particular (at least the ones that I have fished for) I took my seven year old son out yesterday and he caught a few with a mess of fur and feathers that he managed to tie on a hook, if that tells you anything. Just as long as it floats and you give a drag free presentation most of the time, you shouldn't have any trouble. Occasionally you will find a picky one, but not very often.

I normally use dry flies in the size 12-14 size range. The patterns I have luck with are your classic flies - Elk Hair Caddis, Royal Humpy, Adams... I fish alot with Elk Hair's just because they are easy to tie, easy to see and float real well. You can try (and I have) some of the more modern exotic flies, but the ones I mentioned work just as well for me. I fish mainly smaller rivers/streams.

Good luck!
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