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Cutthroat snagging

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While cutthroat fishing on Sunday I hooked into what felt like a huge cutt. It worked its way toward the boat eventually and as I was pulling it up from the depths I looked into the water and saw what was probably an 18" cutt sitting there. To my suprise there was another smaller cuttroat next to it which was actually the one I had on my line :CONFUSED . Now here comes the really wierd part. The large one quickly swam off after it got close to the boat and as the one I had on came to the surface I noticed that it was hooked in the ass, right in front of the anal fin :BLUSH .
Anyone have any idea what happened? The only think I could come up with was that the fish swatted at the fly with it's tail and got hooked. Was the large fish just currious? When I first saw it I thought it was the fish I had on my line, then the other fish bumped into it. When this happened I thought mabey the fly switched fish when they were together, but the first scenerio probably makes more sense.
All day long I would see cutts darting at my fly, and often I wouldn't feel anything. Makes you wonder though. Some days I will get tons of action on the fly, but will only get a couple hookups. They're just playing cutthroat mind games with me.
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highly technical term: "Anal fin" Sorry, but that's just histerical. :DEVIL YT
I've had the same thing happen to me-just last weekend on the Stehekin in fact. I think that they either are trying to slap the fly around a bit with their tail (kinda like an orca flinging a seal around) or they decide at the last second that they don't want to eat the fly. I ended up breaking off the fish I hooked, without a net there was no way I was going to land him. Caught the same fish the next morning, the fly was gone-fish barbless!
My guess about the snag is that there were multiple fish inspecting your fly and when one bumped it and you set your hook, you just happend to snag one. Same sort of thing happens to me now and then.

As for the chaser - well I bet he was a preditor looking for a meal of injured trout. I once had a 5lb bass chase a 10 inch trout right to my feet as I reeled in the trout. And anyone who fishes for lings knows that a ling loves to chomp the small bottom fish that you just hooked. Something about the flailing around that makes big hungery fish go wild.

A few years ago I was fishing a small stream and hooked into a little 6 incher on my fly rod. As I was bringing it in, a monster bow attacks from behind a boulder in a deep spot just 10 ft from me. I quickly let the little guy go and dropped my fly back down but no interest from the big guy. Since I figured he was looking for bigger meal, I put on my largest woolly bugger and still no interest. I didn't have anything that looked like a 6inch trout... So I gave my buddy a shot at it and he wasn't doing any better. Then I remembered I had a spoon in my vest (fly fishing purists stop reeding here...) and tied it on. I jigged it just above the boulder where the trout was hiding and sure enough he slams it! After an amazing battle, I finally landed this 18inch brute. The biggest fish I'd seen in this river was 12 inchers, so this really made my day! So going forward, I always make sure to have a few BIG flies and a spoon or 2 tucked in my vest (when legal...). My point? Your big cuttie probably would have smacked a big streamer (and definately a jigged spoon...).
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Cutthroat snagging - (but not cutts)

Not really related...but kind of.
I was fishing Rocky Ford last year, using a dry fly w/ a dropper about 8 inches off the back. Almost every fish I caught was with the dropper in the "anal fin". I assumed it was the fact they were approaching the dry fly and deciding last minute that it was a lame imitation and getting snagged on the retreat.
Go figure...
Isn't that the correct term? It's the fin on the underside of the fish before the tial fin. I actually looked in my fish ecology book before posting and it showed it as being the "anal fin."
To tell you the truth, I have no idea. For some reason I find the term "anal fin" just very funny. It could be the right name, but it sure is funny. I'm not laughing at you in any way, we all have snagged fish accidentally at sometime or another. The next time I snag a fish you can bet I'll remember the term and get a good chuckle. :THUMBSUP YT
Cutthroat snagging - (but not cutts)

the bigger src sences knew the smaller fish was in distress and wanted a meal. atleast that means they were feeding at that time. my .02 cents
I know that in the ocean salmon will frequently swim by their prey and take in its vibrations with their lateral line. By doing this they are able to sense vibrations, most of the time from wounded fish, etc. Not sure if trout do this to flies and can snag themselves..............
Cutthroat snagging - (but not cutts)

Interesting since flyfishing with a dropper was not permitted in Washington until May 1st of this year!

Cutthroat snagging - (but not cutts)

To be more specific "flyfishing only waters" reguired the use of one fly with a single barbless hook and no weight on the leader.

Cutthroat snagging - (but not cutts)

What do I know---I'm just an old man

I think that every one knew that but did it that way. I also heard that from a few guides. I tried it a few times but couldn't get the cast down. Kept losing flies to the rock and tree gods. But I seem to get it done better this year.

Now I may be coming WAY out of left field here as I have never seen a SRC, BUT, these fish are andronomous, and I am guessing that they are moving into their natal waters to reproduce. Could the vigorous thrashing of its hooked lower end have triggered the sexual urges of that larger fish thinking that your hooked fish was ready to reproduce?? Just a thought that came into mind as everyone talked about the larger fish following the hooked fish in. Its that time of year isnt it for them to be spawning?? Like I said, I have absolutely no clue, but makes ya think doesnt it?? Good story though all in all.
The fish I caught was definently a returning SRC as it was around 12" so it may have been a spawning thing. That other cutt sure made it look small though. The big ones always seem to be the most difficult to catch.
Another thing I have thought of was that the fish have already been caught once or have seen several flies already and were hesitant at biting.
Is an anal fin like a stubborn swede?

This was my observation Sunday, fishing cutbows on east side river. I started doing pretty well on hoppers, but had some big ones come up and bump it, or reject it entirely. Hooked a couple small ones in the side or the pectoral fin (hehe, I said "pectoral"). But there were lots of new stone shucks laying around. I switched to my stone pattern and there was a fish every cast. I guess the hopper was close, but not exactly what they were looking for. Now I believe in the Claasenia shortwing hatch.
MajorGeek, what was your best stonefly imitation? Also, this 'east side' river wouldn't have been the Yakima, would it? :AA
What do I know---I'm just an old man

I didn't understand that you've never seen a SRC. Until I looked at your profile and see that your from Kansas. No I don't think that there is any of those fish there. I think that they would have to far to travel.

You're going to have to take a vacation to come out here to fish for these wonderful fighters.

Cutthroat snagging - (but not cutts)

Did I say "I" was fishing Rocky Ford last year with a dropper?? Silly me...I meant this guy I know... :BLUSH
I was fishing the Chehalis yesterday afternoon and was talking with a comrade in arms i just met at this particular "fishing hole" i like to visit. I mentioned how I wanted to get a SRC and he replied that any SRC was illegal this year.... he said that fishing for cuts was illeagal in ALL waters of WA. I thought that once they returned to the river, no longer in marine waters, they were considered "trout" and if permitted by the particualr river regs, were fair dink-um. So what's the right answer? :CONFUSED It sounds like alot of people are interpreting the regs like I am.

Tight lines
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