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My guess about the snag is that there were multiple fish inspecting your fly and when one bumped it and you set your hook, you just happend to snag one. Same sort of thing happens to me now and then.

As for the chaser - well I bet he was a preditor looking for a meal of injured trout. I once had a 5lb bass chase a 10 inch trout right to my feet as I reeled in the trout. And anyone who fishes for lings knows that a ling loves to chomp the small bottom fish that you just hooked. Something about the flailing around that makes big hungery fish go wild.

A few years ago I was fishing a small stream and hooked into a little 6 incher on my fly rod. As I was bringing it in, a monster bow attacks from behind a boulder in a deep spot just 10 ft from me. I quickly let the little guy go and dropped my fly back down but no interest from the big guy. Since I figured he was looking for bigger meal, I put on my largest woolly bugger and still no interest. I didn't have anything that looked like a 6inch trout... So I gave my buddy a shot at it and he wasn't doing any better. Then I remembered I had a spoon in my vest (fly fishing purists stop reeding here...) and tied it on. I jigged it just above the boulder where the trout was hiding and sure enough he slams it! After an amazing battle, I finally landed this 18inch brute. The biggest fish I'd seen in this river was 12 inchers, so this really made my day! So going forward, I always make sure to have a few BIG flies and a spoon or 2 tucked in my vest (when legal...). My point? Your big cuttie probably would have smacked a big streamer (and definately a jigged spoon...).
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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