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me and my buddy (Irork) started the day at one of our honey holes down in the canyon at around 3:30, after spending some time there and realizing that our honey hole was not so honey today we decided to make the move, we packed up and headed up to Irene Rinehart park, found a fishy looking spot put a couple drifts through a log jam about the third drift a cutty slammed my size 14 Marabou Caddis. after some tricky wrangling keeping him away from the logs was able to land him! estimated at about 11-12".
after landing him I handed my rod to Irork to try his luck he landed a couple ~6" rainbows then about the 7th drift SLAAMMMM he hooks into a big cutty, he did the funky chicken like I did trying to keep him away from the logs but to no avail gets wrapped around a stick. we figured he got off but after about 2 minutes of trying to figure out how to get the fly back we realized he was still on, Irork decided to take his vest of and swim for it, he was able to follow the line grab the cutty grabbed my net from me tossed him in the net. however trying to unhook him and get the line untangled somehow he was able to jump out of the net and broke off :beathead:
how he was able to stay on through everything he did and to break off then was mind blowing sadly we were out of light and had to pack it up but what a memory it was!!!! we estimated Irork's cutty at around 15" would have been nice to take a picture of the "landed" cutty.

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