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Dabob Bay fly fihing

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Hey i'm from bellingham and moved to reno,nv and havent been around the hood canal lately and i'm heading up to my cabin on dabob bay this weekend and have never fly fished up there at all or on any of the rivers near there. Any suggestions or any help with what to use?? Anything will help
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Hmmmm, forecast says its gonna be sunny and hot, so fish early. I've got cloud cover today here on the coast, so I'm going cutthroat fishing here up in the back of an estuary or paddling up a creek. Going to be too hot and sunny for decent fishing here starting Friday. Sunny skies and winds from the E and NE really heat up the beach this time of year. Better for surfing than cutthroat fishing!
If I were planning on beach fishing this weekend up in that area, I'd be on the beach at first light, or a little before. Gonna be a hot one here on the coast! Could even hit 80 out here. Marine layer could return here by Sunday (at the ocean beaches, but probably not inland). Hope so, after two days of hot sunny weather, I'm usually hoping for some drizzle and low overcast. I've been loving the daily marine layer and overcast we've been getting out here lately.
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