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yesterday about 4 in the evening went to a local migration route on a point and there was a purse seiner working it. he would have the little boat stay about 20 ft from the point and and then run the net out. the little boat would rev his motor by the looks he was scaring fish into the net then he drove along the shore and around to the boat and they lifted the net 100 ft from the shore and it was totally loaded with salmon, sivers by the looks and size. then went down the road a little and there was 4 working the general area there and then seen about 4 or 5 working the west side of blake. gosh its like they just fish in manchester or something. well I did not get a hit.

does anybody know how long these purse seiners can fish around here? because they totally fish the migration routes and back eddies and with all these silvers still milling around out here they probly get more of those then chum.

there was for about 3 or 4 weeks silvers by the hundreds jumping in front of a creek staging in a bay ready for the rains . by the way those fish are usually in the creek by early october. now since they started purse seining all those fish are gone and walked to a few holes on the creek and it was totally empty and all those staging fish are gone. you know I sure wish the wdfw would have set back the netting window a few weeks so it would be chums they are getting not silvers because usually most of the silvers are in creeks around here except this year there were holding later than I have ever seen them and the fleet of purse seiners that work this area are having a field day I bet on silvers. and since this area is one of the top blackmouth spots who knows how many of them are caught. well I'll quit complaning. by now, Ben

saltwater flyfishing in the northwest is a science as well as an art.
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