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Dead fish on lower Columbia. ID?

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I hope it is nothing serious but as I was walking my dog on lower Columbia shore (Portland, Columbia marine park by airport, low tide), I have noticeded plenty of dead little fish. On the shore and in the water. All about 7inches with adopise fin.. Not sure what fish is it as I only know trout and bone..
Let me know what it is? Curious. And a bit worry..Hoping its some matural accurance with local "trash" specie.

Road surface Asphalt Cone Grass Soil

Road surface Asphalt Wood Tar Quill

Water Road surface Beach Asphalt Sand

Road surface Asphalt Tar Grass Road

Fish Marine biology Ray-finned fish Fin Electric blue
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Smelt generally begin returning to the Columbia River in the early part of the year, and the peak run timing varies. In past years, fisheries have typically opened anytime from early February to early March.
I googled 'do smelt go up the columbia river'.
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