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Deer Lake Parasite Identification

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Anyone know what parasites are on the trout in Deer lake ? I took a photo but have to develop the 35mm. They look like small thin maggots. Some of the trout had what looked like open blisters with them in it. Any info out there? Thanks
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Yep, sounds like them 1/4 to 1/2 long. Disgusting little things. They were all over the trout. I caught some Bass and I didn't see any on them. Think I will have a rice bowl for dinner tonight........ ahh the visual of a bowl full of them!
Cliff, looked that up about the mussels life cycle and this is what I found:
The freshwater mussel has a unique life cycle, to include a short parasitic stage attached to fish. The life of a mussel can be partitioned into five distinct life stages: ( 1) a larva (called glochidium) developing in the gill of a female mussel, (2) a free-drifting glochidium expelled from the female mussel, (3) a parasitic glochidium attached to the gills or fins of a living host fish, (4) a free-living juvenile mussel, and (5) the adult mussel.

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Rather than cloud the treads with invalid picture files I will give up for now..........
1 - 5 of 8 Posts
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