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All you said was big fish, not most fish, so here would be two ideas for you:

1) BC. The Thompson is just less than a one day drive, and the fish there are BIG and strong, albeit few and far between. There are also other rivers less than one day away in BC with similar patterns, like the Stamp. However, if you have time for the serious drive head up to Smithers and the Skeena system. I haven't done the drive myself but I've been told it can be done in two days. You can fish rivers like the Bulkley without dropping the $$ on a lodge because they are often on public land.

2) Coastal Oregon. It doesn't get a lot of press compared to places like the Hoh (I'm assuming you know about that one already) but the river systems of north coastal Oregon have lots of big fish and many of them do not have the same netting conflicts that we do here. My personal favorite is the Nehalem, either fork. I've hooked two 20 pound class fish there in the last year (notice that I said hooked, not landed). It's only about 4 hours away. Other rivers like the Wilson are also surprisingly good.

In Washington, I think the Hoh and Queets kick out as many 20 pounders as any other river.

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