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The difference between "Closed waters" and "Closed to all Harvest."
Obviously there is no fishing allowed at all in Closed waters. My reflexive assumption would be C&R IS permitted in the latter, but me pappy warned me about making assumptions.

OR does it mean no fishing, nor shell-fishing, nor crabbing, nor seaweed gathering nor butterfly-netting? In which case the location is dead to me.

I scoured the pamphlet, (also used the search function here) and couldn't locate a distinction.



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I'm glad you posted this, because I would have interpreted it literally. I would have just fished the "closed to all harvest" waters C&R without inquiring, feeling perfectly legal. WDFW Should change the wording where needed to make it exactly the same.
To me, "Closed to all harvest" means exactly what it says. If I'm not harvesting anything, then I should be OK doing C&R.

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The new regs are the biggest cluster f****
I've seen. Trying to decipher the rivers is like
reading greek. Why don't they just say closed waters
instead of leaving out a section of river (which now
means its closed according to the WDFW). Nobody,
including Park Rangers, Forest Service Workers and some
Gamies have a clue. Just make it easy to understand.

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