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Take it easy, Stump. Don't be so hard on a guy who's just looking for a little variety in his fishing, without having to buy new gear capable of handling winter steelhead.

Sure, Dollies are a fish to be careful with. However, not being an expert on the subject, I would argue that they are not any more sensitive to catch and release fishing than are wild stealhead or sea-run cutthroats. People target those species all the time. You're even allowed to keep Dollies on some rivers, not that you should! Just like you should release wild steelhead in most cases.

Jaysus, if you're discouraged by fish that "don't eat," I assume that Dollies don't truly eat either when they enter the rivers to spawn.

I'm sure that your six weight floating line will work if you try hard enough. Just add some weight to the leader so the fly gets down low.
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