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So this past weekend we made a trip to Dry Falls, the weather decided that it would play with us, sun, clouds, rain, wind!, calm and a pretty significant barometric pressure shift over 24 hours.

I hadn't been back to Dry Falls for the last 5 years, so was excited and apprehensive about the outcome. But I was happy I went and will be returning.

The lake had a good number of fish in it and I had several good days, prior to pressure shift, with some good size and fight. The smaller fish had shoulders and loved to jump! Several times the fish were actually above me, showing me their bellies, while shooting from the water like missiles. The bigger fish would pull and strip line but stay hidden until they were to net, then was the surprise. I had some great and healthy 20+ inch fish to net. I had a great surprise on one day with a FAT and Healthy German Brown to net 22.5 inches! I was very happy to see that because we had caught several browns there were between 14 & 18 inches that looked to be newer plants. We did see many fingerlings also, which is a good thing long term.

The trip was fun and if you have been there before you know the beauty. One day while fishing all of a sudden my dad and I thought we heard rocks falling down a hill, so I looked quickly around and saw a Yellow Headed Blackbird happened to get a bit to far from shore, when a Hawk came screaming out of the sky and grabs the Yellow Head by his yellow head about 2 feet off the water and then swooped back up into the sky. It was AMAZING to watch!

I hope you all are getting out there and fishing!

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My fishing buddy
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Rain on the way
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Great report and pics Shawn! I have to get up there soon. My son-in-law keeps telling me about the football sized trout that have made his trips so enjoyable over the years.

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So nice you still got your Dad to fish with. I lost mine back in '86, it hardly feels like fishing to me since then, but I get out and think about him all the time I am on the water.
thanks for sharing all that!

BTW where is this place on the map?

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It is between Banks Lake and Lake Lenore. To get to Dry Falls Lake you enter the Sun Lakes state park, drive to the far end and take a road to the left. Then just follow the signs. It is a dirt road the last mile and fairly rough, wouldn't be good for a low rider.

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Holly, I know how ya feel.
My dad passed many years ago and I don't care if he wants to go or not I always take him with me, in my heart.
"Here fishy, fishy" Dads favorite song.
You would really enjoy Dry Falls. Try to get there while the weather is still cool or wait until fall.
If you want a buddy let me know.
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