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I will be there, in my trusty Coleman canoe. What flies should I be tossing this time of year to have a good trip? I have never fished this lake before, but I have gotten some good info on where to fish from www.washingtonlakes.com.

I have heard alot about chiro emergers, which I hate to still fish, but what about damsels, leeches, mayflies and scuds? What are the more effective patterns?


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Hello Rob,
We will be there and Grimes this weekend; we are fishing over on that side, so I hope we get to meet. I didn't understand what you meant by the chirons, but I am told right now black is hot. Thought I might pass that along as well as the others I hear are hot right now from a guide friend who lives over there.

His top four picks in size 12-14ish:
1) Black Midges (as mentioned)
2) BH Hare's Ears w/legs
3) Damsels in Olive/tan color
4) BH Lightning Bugs *(repsonsible for my best trip ever)*

Weather is not really hot yet, and fish feeding and moving shallow; retrieve is "dead drift". Have a wonderful trip!!
Hope this helps.
Your friend,
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