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I arrived at Dry Falls Friday evening just in time to hit the evening chironomid storm. It was the thickest hatch I have ever seen. During its peak, almost exactly at sunset, the rising trout brought the lake to a boil. Unfortunately I never got dialed into the right pattern, and only caught a couple of very nice rainbows.
Saturday was very kind to me. About mid morning I figured out that they were rising to adult chironomids that were trapped in the surface film. I convinced them to rise to a #14 Lady McConnel and #16 callibaetis cripple. As the sun got hot and high I broke for lunch.
After lunch I switched to a full sinking line and a #10 waterboatman. I would cast the line out as far as I could then troll out the rest allowing it plenty of time to get down. Then with short, rapid strips I would bring it in. This was the most succesful tactic of the day providing a lot of fun until the evening hatch.
Again the hatch was extremely prolific. However I only managed to land a couple of fish. When it was floating well and I could see it a #14 or #16 racoon was a good pattern, but mostly it sits right in the film(or below it) and is hard to see. Perhaps something like a parachute pupa would be a good pattern. I know for sure that they were not interested in a Lady McConnel.
Let us know what works for you

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I am going to dry falls this saterday to spend the whole day on the water fishing out of a float tube.What flies should i carry in my fly box for the morning,afternoon and evening.I was also wondering how many other fisherman were on the water not that i don't mind fishing with a few fellow fly fisherman i just don't like combat fishing.I was also wondering what part of the
lake you were fishing.I have been to dry falls once but i don't realy count it as productive trip since it was my second time fly fishing and i was not very good at that time.Now i am alot better than when i started.Have you guys ever tried greasing your leader exept the last couple inches so a chironomid pupa can sit just under the waters surface during a
chironomid hatch i read about it some where and thought it would work so i might try that in the evening.Any info would be great. THANKS. :)

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Here is what I would try
Morning-adult chironomid
Afternoon-water boatman on a sinking line
Evening-chironomid emerger
All Day-chironomid pupa
I was having good luck in the Ne corner of the lake. Expect it to be crowded on Sat though. Just find a spot where you are comfortable and work it. I think one place is as good as the other.
Good Luck
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