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I don't fish it that often, and I bet there are others on the board that do, but I've been there in April a couple of times and the most productive flies were chironomids and midge emerger and dry patterns. A big section of the lake is fairly shallow, and you don't need a long leader to fish the chironomids. The other end of the lake is deep, and to fish the chironomids you need a longer leader. I know there are other hatches there and that some people do well on damsel nymphs and woolly buggers - I've just never hit any hatches other than midges during that time of the year and haven't had any luck with damsel nymphs. On the chironomids, you need to bring a wide variety of sizes (including very small) and colors, including some tied in bright, flashy greens or reds, and other more muted olives, blacks, and browns, because it seems as though color and size can be very important on this lake and what you catch them on one day may not get a sniff another day.
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