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Since last year was the first year it was open in April, I'm not sure that anyone knows what will "typically" work best, but I can tell you what worked in the middle of April last year.

Try fishing chironomids pupa imitations #16-18 (color didn't really seem to matter) on a floating line and a leader long enough to get you near the bottom. Over on the deep end that means +/- 20, yes 20, feet. The strikes tend to be subtle, so a strike indicator will increase your hook-ups dramatically. Last year we each had a 20+ fish day, including a brown I landed that was around 24" and must have weighed 6 pounds. It's gut was bigger than mine.

I also saw a guy who was doing very well trolling a big, black leech on a sinking line. Hope this helps.

I'll also be over there on the 19th - I had independently planned my trip earlier this year. Sounds like there will be no shortage of people...
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