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Dry Fly Swap

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This swap is open to anyone who wants to join. The theme is dry flies, so your pattern has to float. Other than that anything goes. I will limit this swap to 13 swapers including myself. Each tier will tie 1 dozen(12) flies. All other swap rules apply.....toe tags, paid postage, and so on. The due date for this swap will be Feb, 5 2010. That is over a month to get them done. If that is too soon I can adjust accordingly. Also, If we do not fill this swap up I will adjust accordingly for that as well. I will try to update this thread daily, but sometimes life gets in the way:rofl:.

Due Date: Febuary 5, 2010:thumb:

To join..... Post with "Im in" and include the pattern you will be tying.

1. Camo Clad Warrior- Stimulator
2.Western- Web Wing Caddis Addy Sent Recieved Flies
3.Flybill- Elk Hair Caddis Addy Sent
4.trdigger- Humpy Addy Sent Recieved Flies
5.Ron Mcneal- Zelon Midge Addy Sent Recieved Flies
6.Rob Ast- Biot Body Hackle Stacker Addy Sent Recieved Flies
7.thesankers- Hi Vis Para Adams Addy Sent Recieved Flies
8.dryflylarry- Parachute Callibaetis Addy SentRecieved Flies
9.Loopy- F Sedge Addy Sent Recieved Flies
10.Kelvin- Nut-Brown Visible Para Addy Sent Recieved Flies
11.Whit- Klinkhamers Addy Sent
12.seanengman- BWO Addy Sent Recieved flies
13.Kent Lufkin- Miracle Caddis variant Addy Sent Recieved Flies

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I'm in! Will tie an olive or brown bodied Elk Hair Caddis! One of my favorite patterns to fish!
Count me in for some sort of Humpy. HEY!, look at that, post #50, I'm not sure why, but I feel like I should celebrate with a glass of whisky or three.
I'll play, may need a day or two to decide the pattern.
How can I resist? I'll go with a Parachute Callibaetis if you'll have me.
Thanks for joing thesankers, and dryflylarry......
PMed Address to ya....Western
Finally settled on a pattern (for now) - biot-bodied hackle stacker
Thanks for the pattern rob.

Of course there is room Kelvin. What is your Pattern?
I will hop in ccw. I will post a pattern in a day or two.
Flies ready to fly.

Can I have the host address.


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My flies re also done- just need a shipping address
Is there room?
1 - 20 of 77 Posts
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