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Here's a list of the DVD's I have for sale. All in near new condition. I'm located in Vancouver, WA if you want to pick up in porson. Shipping is $5 if you want me to send them. Make me an offer if you want more than one DVD. PM or call me at 360-772-5555.

Cracking the Code - Hooking a Salmon (new was $35.99) = asking $20 SALE PENDING

* Hosted by Henrik Mortensen
* Running Time: 67 minutes
* In his third volume of Fly Fishing Academy, Mortensen concentrates on the art of salmon fishing- assessing the situation, formulating a strategy and executing the plan.

FlyBoys Presents, Raising the Ghost (new was $29.95) = asking $20 SALE PENDING

* Hear testimonies of fly fishing legends like Tom Morgan, Rusty
Vorous, Bob Clay and many more; 2008
* Running Time: 1 hour & 7 mins
* The 'Flyboys' set out to find the holy grail of fly-fishing,
catching wild steelhead on dead drift dry flies.

Introduction to Fly-Fishing: Terminology, Equipment, Knots and How to Start Fishing (new was $24.95) = asking $10

* Hosted by Terry and Wendy Gunn; 2005
* Running Time: 55 mins
* In the shop and on the water, Terry and Wendy cover it all; rods,
reels, lines, rigging, knots, flies, equipment, leaders, tippets,

Lani Waller's Steelhead Legacy (new was $40) = asking $30 SALE PENDING

* Running Time: 4 hours
* Two disc set; disc one includes the 3 steelhead shows Lani hosted
in the 1980's which have been judged as the best instructional
steelhead shows ever made. Disc two shows Lani returning to many
of the same rivers as seen in his original shows. He updates new
casting techniques, equipment and strategies that have helped make
steelhead fishing even more exciting.

Lefty Kreh on Fly Casting (new was $26.95) = asking $15

* Hosted by Lefty Kreh; 2004
* Running Time: 68 mins
* Understand casting, learn specific aids and exercises to help you
through every fishing situation (wind casts, curve casts, etc)

Make'em Swim (new was $39.95) = asking $25 SALE PENDING

* Hosted by Mikael Frodin; 2008
* Running Time: 122 mins
* You'll get tips and tricks for everything from the simplest
swimming micro-tube to innovative skaters and hitch flies.

Sage Presents, 'The Art of Spey Casting'- A Film by Jeffrey Pill (new was $34.95) = asking $20 SOLD

* Hosted by Lani Waller
* Running Time: 3 hours & 30 mins
* Featured casters- Al Buhr, John & Amy Hazel, Tim Rajeff as well as
over 15 other famous casters

Scientific Anglers Presents, Spey to Z (new was $35.95) = asking $25 SALE PENDING

* Hosted by Greg Pearson, Topher Browne, and Way Yin; 2006
* Understand Traditional, Scandinavian & Skagit style spey casting
with a single and double-handed rod

Skagit Master Featuring Ed Ward (new was $39.95) = asking $30 SALE PENDING

* Hosted by Ed Ward; 2009
* From the remote steelhead waters of Kamchatka, to his home water
on the Skagit and beyond, Ed goes fishing and draws on-lookers in
the process.

Steelhead Flies: Tying Classics (new was $29.95) = asking $15 SALE PENDING

* Hosted by Dec Hogan and Marty Howard; 2008
* Running Time: just under 4 hours
* Dec and Marty take you through a step-by-step process on how to
create classic steelhead flies that you can admire and fish with

The Trout Bum Diaries: Volume 1 Patagonia (new was $24.95) = asking $15[/B]SALE PENDING

* Running Time: 1 hour & 39 mins
* Experience the journey, adventure, and life-style of 4 trout bums
on an epic five month fly fishing expedition across Patagonia.

Trout Grass; a documentary written and narrated by David James Duncan (new was $29.95) = asking $10 SALE PENDING

* Running Time: 47 mins
* Its a passion spun of wild places, tools & techniques, and the
stories that bind them. Trout Grass is the story of that passion.
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