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Fish till ya drop.
Then suck it up
and fish the evening hatch.

While absent mindedly paging (I'm often absent minded lately) through my Netcraft Catalogue last winter I struck a section that caught my interest...SILICONE RUBBER BASS LURE SKIRTS. I always new I had an attraction to silicone, but never related it to fishing until that moment.

These babies are equivalent to the superfloss or numph rubber legs we
buy at fly shops, but you get about twice the material for your dollar. Especially if you buy "strips" or skip cut 2oz. lots.

The stuff stretches beautifully, so you can create a nice tapered
body by varying the stretch as you go up,and even overwrap if you like "fat" ones. You can't rib them very well cause the rib disappears between the strands in places. But the fish won't care, believe me.

The greatest feature of this stuff is its translucency in some colors and the inclusion of "Fleck" glitter. Just like the sparkle of a
carbonated nymph rising to hatch out. Check out some of these color
combinations: Black w/ red fleck, Brown w/orange fleck, Watermelon and pepper, Pumpkin and green flake,Chartreuse and silver flake. That's just a few of many exciting combinations.

Get somma this silicone stuff and tie some chironomids with it. You won't be sorry. Great for legs on other larger numph patterns too

I thought that you were done with tying flies for this year and was just listening to the snow coming down.
I took your advice and tied up a few until I was blue in the face.
Now I think I have enough of them things that I can't spell that starts with ch_________d. I have Black ones,Olive ones,Red ones,Brown ones,even some odd colored ones.
I know that I babble on sometimes,but at my age and can't get out because of the weather. I can't help myself.
At least I still have my memory,at least I hope I do. Jim S. :WINK
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