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East Fork Lewis. 2/6/10

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Went out to the EFL yesterday.The thing I noticed with this river is they get a good push of late or b run winter steely's. I enjoy the late run much better.The late run usally has bigger fish.A good chance to get into one of those 20 plus pounders.The late run starts around now and last into march.In mid march the river closes but opens again in mid april to spec regs.This also is when I hit it hard.
So yesterday, I knew I could hook fish on other rivers that were producing well, but I thought I'd take the chance and hit the EFL and see if any of those late or B run fish have shown up yet.When the run is at it's peak I can usually sight quite a bit of fish through out the river.Early in the run I usually fish around daybreak.But I've caught most of my big fish up around the falls.
Unfortantly, I have a big skunking to report.I asked many people and none had a catch to report.So it made for a great day to take pics.I used a new camera so some pics are crappy.The other pics were taken by my pal.

This is a cool lava canyon near Heeison Bridge

If you know this rock you know it holds a few often.

This is the seam the rock creates, slow water meeting fast water gotta love it right?

Was able to sight a couple but bad pic I know.

Casting pic.

There was a rock slide three years ago creating this Awesome run.If you know it, you love it.If you don't, find it, and fish it.

Casting pic.

Casting pic.

Casting pic.

Casting pic.

Pals cating pic.

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Awesome photos. I'll ad the EFL to my places to go just for the scenery. Any fish would be a bonus.
The River is just beautiful and has been one of the good ones. I'm like Mumbles gotta get there and the Kalama.
Great pics thanks for the post...but quit spreading malicious rumors about the mythical march steelhead...it's all lies, all the fish are really up north or in the OP.
Great pics thanks for the post...but quit spreading malicious rumors about the mythical march steelhead...it's all lies, all the fish are really up north or in the OP.
Pfff right good one James.That otta scare them away.

And to Bob and Mumbles, I told you guys before, whenever your ready to come down I don't mind hosting.And for you Bob, you don't have to be an athlete. As you can see I'm a bit on the heavy side so most of my fishing is short walks from the car to the river.No major hiking envolved. Im much too lazy for that. Yeah that sounds right "the lazy fisherman" that should be my title.
I may be wrong but I believe the EFL closes the middle of March and reopens mid-May. How do you fish it thru March into April if it's closed?

The river is closed March 16th-April 15th.
Thanks for the heads up!Yes you can fish in the months of march and april.Before the 15th of march, and after the 16th of april under special regulations.I'll make the adjustments so I'll be better understood.
I was introduced to the EFL in high school, we'd cut school and jump/dive off those bridges. Then we discovered the steel/salmon below the falls and would snorkel the river. Took my 2nd steel on fly around there. Good times and beautiful river. Good to see those pics. Thanks, Thad.
Thad, I live in Battle Ground and fish the East Fork all that I can. It would be great to fish it with you this summer. Jim Riggins
Great photos! This river looks awesome!!
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