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Just got back from a camp with private trout and bass lakes. The trout lake was on fire each time the wind died down. Water temp was in the high fifities. Chronomids were not prolific, but there were some. The ones that made it to the surface were all getting eaten by cruising trout. The fishing was basically cast to a moving trout (if the cast was good - wait seconds and fish on). Fish were all very energetic. Most fish were 18" or so, some up to 21".

The other lake was a largemouth lake. We caught many fish 50-75 each evening and have sore thumbs now. The small ones were one to two pounds and the large ones were 5 lbs (I would guess).

All in all, a fantastic weekend and decent weather. I got some pics of the fish the kids I brought along with me caught, I will anyone know what the red thing is sticking out of the one trout's butt)?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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