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Okay, I am just a bit confused. Figured I would ask the experts so here goes.

I have heard the term, "switch rod", what is it? Is it just a normal fly rod?

So it got me thinking. How many different types are there and what are their intended purposes?

Thanks again.

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A good thought Galpster.
This list could go on for a while....
Everyone has opinions and preferences for every fish species you can convince with a fly.
Time to grab a cold one..:beer1:

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A switch rod is bigger than a single hander, designed to be used with two hands but can be single hand cast, but it is smaller than a normal spey rod. I think right now most switch rods fall into the 10'6" to 11'3" range. Some of us buy into the benefit of this go between rod. Others do not...[cue Panhandle]. I like the switch rod in a smaller river where a spey rod is too much and single hand overhead casting would be problematic due to heavy brush cover on the banks or limited backcasting due to high banks. I also like them on the beach, extra elevation, two handed overhead casting stroke and shooting head lines water hauled, rod loaded then launched. I can cast my fly further with this method, so it works for me. Your results may vary.
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