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Emerald Water Anglers robbery

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Emerald Water Anglers just had someone break the lock on the front door at 8:15, come in and grab a bunch of rods without tubes...

Fenwick Glass
6'6" 3wt
7'6" 5wt

Echo Glass
6'9" 3wt
7'4" 4wt
7'10" 5wt

Echo Base
7'6" 3wt

Echo Carbon
7'3" 2wt

Echo Boost
7'6" 3wt

Sage Approach
7'0" 3wt

Scott G2
8'4" 3wt

Scott F2 Glass
7'2" 3wt
7'7" 4wt
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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